Dokumentiert: „Lety u Písku 13th October 2014“ (fb konexe)


Lety u Písku 13th October 2014. What happened?

Commemoration meeting organized by Konexe was held in the northwest corner of the industrial pig farm as every 13th of every month. Participants were from Finland, Spain, Germany, Slovakia and Czech Rep. Both Roma and gadje.

After the end of a commemoration meeting, just in the moment when activists were passing by the main gate of the pigfarm, farms supply trucks arrived. Activists spontaneously decided to block the main gate by their bodies, preventing the trucks to drive into the farm. The blockade was ended by the police after 40 minutes.

Later the activists visited the quarry where the prisoners (also the Roma children) were forced to mine the stone. The exact location of the mining camp was discovered by Paul Polansky during his visit of Czech Rep. in last week.


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