Dokumentiert: Roma Pride 2014 in Prague, Terne Čhave perform (

Roma Pride 2014 in Prague, Terne Čhave perform

Prague, 4.10.2014 21:41, (ROMEA)
(source of picture: konexe o.s.)

Prague has hosted yet another Roma Pride parade. Along with Romani people, rather a lot of people from the majority part of society, migrants living in the Czech Republic and tourists enjoyed the event as well.

Almost 300 people walked from the Old Town Square across the Charles Bridge to the Church of the Infant of Prague, where they prayed together for good coexistence and reconciliation. Romani people from many towns across the country attended, with the Brno contingent running a Roma Pride stand.

The event began with a program on the Old Town Square where the main musical attraction was the Hradec Králové band Terne Čhave and an Indian temple dance. People clapped, danced and sang along to the rhythmic Romani music.

The stage, decorated with flowers and signs reading „Hate is No Solution“ and „Roma Pride“, also was home to the reggae music of Michal Šepse. During the Terne Čhave concert more than 500 people were in attendance, but only around 300 participated in the march.

Ivanka Mariposa Čonková of the convening organization Konexe greeted the participants, as did Božena Fílová, the coordinator of Romani advisors in Prague, Margita Rácová from Brno, and Jožka Miker from Krupka. „We are here together, blacks, whites, and that’s how it should be,“ the speeches between the musical performances emphasized.

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More pictures on FB page of konexe o.s.:


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