Slovakia: Activists demolish part of segregation wall […] (

Slovakia: Activists demolish part of segregation wall, ignoring local Romani opinion
Košice, 16.9.2014 22:37, (ROMEA)
Anonymous activists demolished part of a wall at the Luník VIII housing estate in Košice, Slovakia. It was repaired within two days. (Photo: Print screen from a video posted to

Last week pro-Romani activists demolished part of a wall in the Slovak town of Košice that separates a Romani enclave from the rest of the neighborhood; by 12 September the wall had been repaired. Both the European Union and the Mayor of Košice say the wall has been illegally erected by the local municipality without building permits.

Anonymous activists and Konexe

„The concrete wall at Luník VIII which fences off the parking lot (also called the ‚anti-Romani‘ wall in the media) was demolished last Wednesday around midnight by four unidentified persons. As of today, 12 September 2014, the wall has been fixed,“ reported news server Koš  last week.

The wall was demolished by anonymous activists who came to Košice along with members of the Konexe association. Representatives of both groups were interviewed about their actions in detail on the Deník Referendum website.

„We were contacted by our partner, ERGO, which is organizing a European campaign against these segregating walls. We traveled to visit a Romani settlement and places where walls have been erected to separate Romani people from the majority society. We believe using walls to address the problem of Romani poverty or problems in coexistence is counter-productive. It’s a very dangerous trend,“ said Miroslav Brož of Konexe.

Brož said the intention was to visit the Romani communities living behind the walls in Slovakia and to find out as much information as they could about the walls, including how to remove them. There are a total of 14 such walls throughout the country.

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