Paris bus drivers warned about refusing Roma


Paris: NO Roma

Authorities in Paris have been forced to remind bus drivers they cannot refuse to allow Roma passengers after a young Romanian was barred from boarding a bus in the capital. The driver reportedly told him that “Romanians go on foot, they don’t take the bus”.

Paris transport authority RATP issued the instruction after 23-year-old Romanian charity worker named Cosmin lodged a complaint after being refused permission to board a bus by the driver in January, Europe1 reported on Wednesday.
Cosmin, who works for the charity Les Enfants du Canal (Children of the Canal) in Paris and has lived in France for 10 years, claims he was not allowed to board the 213 bus, simply because of his Roma origins.
According to Cosmin the bus driver told him “Romanians go on foot, not by bus.”
When the young passenger showed the driver he had a valid pass for the bus, the…

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