Dokumentiert: Anti-Roma-Marsch am 29.6.2013 geplant

Wie berichtet, droht am kommenden Wochenende, genauer am Samstag, den 29.6.2013 erneut ein Anti-Roma-Marsch, diesmal in der Universitäts- und Brauereistadt České Budějovice (CZ). Hintergrund ist eine Auseindersetzung zunächst von Kindern auf dem Spielplatz und ein anschließendes körperliches Handgemenge der Eltern und anderer Erwachsener. Es ist bislang ungeklärt, was die Ursache des Streits gewesen ist. Der geplante Marsch soll laut Anmeldern auf die Probleme in der Siedlung Máj aufmerksam machen, v.a. aber auf Konflikte mit sozioökonomisch benachteiligten Bewohner_innen, insbesondere Roma.
Nachdem sich die Rassist_innen beim letzten Marsch in Duchcov (CZ) am 22.6.2013 argumentativ aufgrund der Gewaltexzesse ins Abseits katapultiert haben dürften, droht die Anti-Roma-Stimmung erneut angeheizt zu werden.

Wir würden uns daher wieder über eine umfangreiche Beteiligung an den Gegenveranstaltungen aus den Nachbarstaaten freuen. Das Problem heißt nach wie vor Rassismus. Gegen jegliche Ethnisierung von Konflikten und Kollektivschuld!

Konflikt in České Budějovice (foto by: Michal Pour)

Konflikt in České Budějovice (foto by: Michal Pour)

Czech Republic: Protest this Saturday over alleged problems at housing estate in České Budějovice


Yet another effort to draw publicity to the tribulations of ordinary coexistence is now underway with the scheduling of a public assembly this coming Saturday in České Budějovice. Those convening the demonstration want to draw attention to alleged problems at the Máj housing estate there, specifically to alleged difficulties in coexistence with members of the community of socially vulnerable people living at the housing estate, most of whom are Romani.

The organizers are responding to an incident that from last Friday (see Several children first got into conflict with one another at the Máj housing estate, followed by their parents and then by other adults.

It is not clear who started the conflict or how. Some media outlets have reported that a child’s nose was allegedly broken and that his pregnant mother also came out of the conflict worse for wear. News server has not managed to verify either of those reports.

Police intervened during the conflict. The case is being investigated as one of suspected rioting.

Michael Choura, one of the organizers of the upcoming protest, has issued a statement about it. „We invited the mayor of České Budějovice to Saturday’s event when we visited him. In his view, however, we are exaggerating the situation around the Máj housing estate,“ Choura said.

The housing estate is part of a locality where a high number of socially vulnerable families and individuals live. A large proportion of them are people from the Romani community.

„Friday’s conflict is simply the result of bad policy on the part of the municipality, the region, and the state. The economic and social situations of many people are truly desperate, and everyone is burying their head in the sand about it,“ former town councilor Marie Paukejová, who has long lived at the Máj housing estate, said.

The housing estate is the largest in the town, accommodating roughly one-fifth of its total population, and is one of many localities where no one wants to buy property. Real estate agencies report that the cost of real estate there is significantly lower than in any other part of town. At the start of the 1990s, people were moved to the Máj housing estate after the lucrative buildings in the town center where they had been living were privatized, some of them through restitution.

„I am concerned that these conflicts will increase. I just hope blood doesn’t start flowing,“ Paukejová said.

The organizers of Saturday’s event announced it to the town hall and police are now waiting for the local government to report to them about it. „For the time being we have not received a decision from the town hall. However, we are prepared to increase the number of police officers on hand during the assembly, should it be necessary,“ South Bohemian Regional Police spokesperson Lenka Holická said.

ČTK, fk, translated by Gwendolyn Albert

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